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Malcolm Russell, originally from England, is a biologist, a teacher of english and a winemaker.  He first discovered his interest in wines as a graduate student in the USA during the 1970´s.  There he joined an informal wine appreciation group, which organized a wonderful series of illustrated lectures to cover the classic European wine styles and regions, and compared them to their Californian counterparts.  This enlightening experience sparked a life-long interest in wine, but it was only much later, after returning to live and work in England, that there was an opportunity to gain some practical experience in viticulture and winemaking.

photo: portrait of the winemaker

photo:  cellar work in S.W. France

He spent the summer of 1990 in S.W. France, in Madiran and Corbieres, and after that immediately began to  explore  the possibilities that were just beginning to open up in Central and Eastern Europe (1991-1993).  After visits to Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, a chance encounter subsequently led to the winemaking regions of the former Czechoslovakia, and more practical experience in Mělník (Bohemia), Pavlov (Moravia) and Pezinok (Slovakia).

The first vintage as an independent winemaker in the Czech Republic, operating in his own cellar, had to wait until 2001.  That was the year in which he joined the staff of the Wine School in Valtice, as a teacher of English, and when he was also able to find a small, traditional wine cellar in which to finally make his own wine.  In 2006 he moved to larger premises more suited to commercial winemaking at the Ovčárna, Sedlec, a site which overlooks Nesyt Lake.

photo: traditional small wine cellar in Valtice

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